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Relationships are Everything: A Human Problem with an AI Solution with Thor Ernstsson

Strata founder and self-proclaimed “start-up guy,” Thor Ernstsson joins Gregg on the podcast to talk about the significance of our relationships and how his company is providing a never-before-seen tool for staying in touch with people.

Thor is both sharply intelligent and down to earth and this conversation is chock-full of valuable insights. If you are interested in a groundbreaking and easy way to nurture your relationships or if you want practical advice from someone who has been involved in startups and tech for a long time, then you will love this interview.

Episode Highlights:

  • Thor’s background, career, and experience with startups

  • An important distinction between roles within a big company vs a startup

  • How to stay productive

  • The Strata team today

  • How Thor finds work-life balance

  • About Strata the company, the name, and the tagline “Relationships are everything”

  • Thor’s biggest challenges and how he sees the future of work

  • Practical advice for someone going through a challenging time

Thor Ernstsson is the co-founder of Strata, a relationship intelligence company.

Prior to founding Strata, he founded Feedback Loop, an on-demand consumer insights platform used by most leading Fortune 500 companies. Previously he was the CTO of Rally Health, a patient engagement company acquired by UnitedHealth-- and lead architect at Zynga, primarily working on FrontierVille.


Read more about Success at Scale with Triple G Ventures here:

The Podcast covers business stories from experienced entrepreneurs, business leaders, and startup founders on how to translate business ideas into business results. In each episode, Gregg shows how companies grow from seed to scale, testing his theories with successful business leaders.

As a listener, you can walk through unique business growth journeys, including brand building, business development, revenue growth, investor relations and capital fundraising, culture and team building, and more. Success at scale with Triple G Podcast is all about best practices and ideas to help you accelerate your business growth.

Success at Scale is hosted by Gregg Stein, Founding Partner of Triple G Ventures. Through Triple G Ventures, Gregg serves as CEO, Board Member, and Investor at SKOOG INC, and also leads Strategic Growth at Artiphon, ASI Audio, Hummingbirds.Ai, Promoly and many more.


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