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Elnaz Sarraf,

ROYBI Founder & CEO

"If you are an entrepreneur in tech, Triple G is the "seed to scale" resource you need. Triple G founder, Gregg Stein, is most passionate, energetic, and intelligent people I have ever collaborated with in my business ventures. He is very organized, diligent, and always finds ways to make things work. Gregg has been an asset as a strategic partner and advisor to ROYBI on many aspects of our business including, but not limited to, technology, global growth, education, capital investment, sales and marketing and so much more."


Florian Simmendinger

Soundbrenner Founder & CEO

"Triple G Founder & CEO, Gregg Stein's, advice always manages to deliver value on our most important high level decisions. With his decades of experience in the music industry we came to trust his intuition. Working with Gregg as an advisor can also be very hands on and always results oriented. Overall it has been a pleasure working together and we couldn't be more excited to count Gregg among our partners and advisors".


  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Brand Licensing

  • Consumer Audio

  • Consumer Products

  • Creative and Cloud Computing

  • Education and STEM Products

  • Food Tech

  • Gaming

  • Health and Med-Tech

  • IoT and Technology

  • Musical Instruments

  • Pro Audio

  • Entertainment

  • SaaS



Skoog Inc.

Originally established as an educational music-making platform with crossover into the consumer market with partners such as Apple, the company is distinctly positioned to bring the magic to the masses. Through Triple G, Gregg Stein is CEO, Board Member, and Investor at SkoogMusic Ltd.



Artiphon is designing new instruments to empower the next billion musicians. Artiphon's goal is to enable a world where everyone can be musical, where music is a universal element of our collective creative vocabulary. Through Triple G, Gregg Stein is leading US sales growth.



soundbrenner logo.png

Soundbrenner Ltd.

ROYBI is the creator of Roybi Robot, an interactive language learning tutor for children ages 3+. Roybi Robot uses artificial intelligence to deliver personalized content to children based on their pace and interests. ROYBI's mission is to provide a personalized language learning experience for every child. Triple G continues to guide the company's corporate growth acceleration. 

Soundbrenner firmly believes musicians aren't born - they're crafted from practice. And to deliver the best possible practice experience, they've created wearable tools, combined with software. Soundbrenner seeks to aim to help every musician on the planet to master their craft. For the last several years, Triple G has been there to provide strategic-level advice.


ASI Audio

Founded by Dr. Michael Santucci Au.D. of Sensaphonics, Inc. and Jim Harris, CEO of Think-A-Move, Ltd., developers of innovative speech recognition products for high-volume environments, ASI Audio x Sensaphonics has combined patented technologies and market insights to create 3DME Music Enhancement, a fundamentally different approach to in-ear monitoring and hearing protection. 3DME combines Active Ambient technology and personalized sound quality via the intuitive ASI Audio app, creating a system equally useful for amplified and acoustic monitoring for musicians and concertgoers alike. Triple G Ventures has been brought on to define strategy and accelerate growth. 


DARWIN Software Systems

A personalization engine to increase sales and ad views for online retailers and online publishers. DAR.WIN allows users to segment visitors based upon artificial intelligence (AI) and other factors. DAR.WIN then constantly works to process information in real-time and predict what content to see. This is automated A/B testing. As certain visitor segments respond to specific content, DAR.WIN optimizes its machine learning models to make better predictions with each subsequent visitor of this type, even with new content, new pages, and new images. DAR.WIN is Personalization Evolved. Triple G is helping DAR.WIN establish this innovative new technology brand at scale.

Centralized Logo.png


Tynybay logo.png


Brian Dubb founded Centralized to empower every music artist with the decision-making tools and tailored information they need to succeed. Centralized is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) manager for the global music artist community, to solve the problem of 10s of millions of artists needing guidance and only a few thousand qualified and available managers. Centralized joined forces with Triple G Ventures to help guide and accelerate the company's growth trajectory. 

TYNYBAY Inc. was founded with the mission to build an ecosystem for enterprises to advance their Cloud Native initiatives. TYNYBAY is a remote Cloud-Native partner for enterprises. Every member of our team is a TYNYpreneur who operates with a startup mindset, prioritizing action over painstaking research and testing over laborious analysis while keeping the process lean.​ Triple G is actively guiding the company's strategy and path to scale.

Caravan Interactive

Caravan Interactive is a data-driven technology development firm focused on design, data, and software solutions. Caravan has mastered the medium of the digital age to create amazing products and provide a competitive advantage to clients ranging from Intel to Levis, Rakuten, Vice, and more. Caravan delivers a wide range of services including virtual tech teams, product design, cloud infrastructure, technical consulting, enterprise software, e-commerce, and more. Caravan partnered with Triple G Ventures to continue to expand it's network and build on its already successful business model.

Clixo logo_transparent back (1).png

Clixo by Toyish Labs

Clixo is the latest innovative toy from Toyish Labs. Clixo empowers today’s kids to be tomorrow’s active creators, with an intuitive, open-ended system that challenges them to think with their hands, innovate, and enjoy the joys of experimentation and discovery. By reinventing the classic building block and giving it a new, flexible twist, kids are challenged to build differently, thus opening up new channels for creative expression and endless creation possibilities.


Founded in 2015 by Assaf Eshet, Toyish Labs is on a mission to spark the power of human creativity through the magic of play. Toyish Labs builds toys for kids that embrace and empower the spirit of curiosity, imagination, experimentation, and endless possibilities that exist in all of us.

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