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Elnaz Sarraf,

ROYBI Founder & CEO

"If you are an entrepreneur in tech, Triple G is the "seed to scale" resource you need. Triple G founder, Gregg Stein, is most passionate, energetic, and intelligent people I have ever collaborated with in my business ventures. He is very organized, diligent, and always finds ways to make things work. Gregg has been an asset as a strategic partner and advisor to ROYBI on many aspects of our business including, but not limited to, technology, global growth, education, capital investment, sales and marketing and so much more."


Florian Simmendinger

Soundbrenner Founder & CEO

"Triple G Founder & CEO, Gregg Stein's, advice always manages to deliver value on our most important high level decisions. With his decades of experience in the music industry we came to trust his intuition. Working with Gregg as an advisor can also be very hands on and always results oriented. Overall it has been a pleasure working together and we couldn't be more excited to count Gregg among our partners and advisors".

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