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The Future of Work, Technology, and Music with Modern Drummer CEO, David Frangioni

Talent, intelligence, passion, and a philanthropic spirit, our guest this week has it all.

In this episode of Success at Scale, host Gregg Stein sits down with fellow drummer and CEO of Modern Drummer Magazine, David Frangioni, to talk about the intersection of music and technology, the future of work, his current projects, and how to be successful even while facing tough times.

David has a calm presence and speaks with such depth and authority. Listen in for some amazing gems and wisdom from someone who embodies Success at Scale.

David Frangioni is an award-winning veteran of the music and audio-visual technology industry, with expertise ranging from being a drummer and producer, to an audio consultant, technologist, integrator and recording engineer. After battling cancer at the age of 2, David found his passion in drumming. By the age of 12, he was playing gigs around Boston and started a MIDI technology consulting business when he was just 16.

David’s involvement in the music and audio industry branches from his involvement in audio-visual facility design with Audio One & Frangioni Media as well as having three books published by Insight Editions; "Clint Eastwood: Icon 1 & 2" and “Crash The world’s greatest drum kits,” deep involvement in philanthropy as a President’s Council Board member and musician for Musicians On Call, Musical Director for Irie Foundation and leading his own Frangioni Foundation, plus Founder and CEO for artist development firm All Access IDA.

In 2019, David became Publisher of Modern Drummer Magazine, the world’s #1 drum magazine

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Lachlan Brows
Lachlan Brows
Jul 30, 2023

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