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How to Formulate a Killer Go-To-Market Strategy

A product’s success is built on months and months of preparation. Before your product even sees the light of day, you need to have a go-to-market strategy in place. So how can you create a strategy like this? Follow our steps below.

Step 1: Outline Your Ambitions

No effective marketing strategy was ever created on the fly. If you want your advertising content to stand out among the digital noise, you need a plan. Determine what kind of audience you’re looking to reach and how past marketing strategies may be improved.

For example, if you’re looking to pull younger consumers in with your product, your marketing strategy needs to reflect that drive. You can’t expect an ad campaign on Facebook to reach these consumers when platforms like TikTok attract them in droves.

This isn’t the stage for fully laid plans. Instead, it should be a time for brainstorming. Break your goals down into their simplest forms and get creative.

Step 2: Ask the Right Questions

Outlining your goals for your product gives you a target to shoot for. With a target in mind, you can determine which tools you need to meet your goals. Sit down with your team and ask:

  • Does our product solve a problem?

  • What audience does our product traditionally appeal to?

  • What new consumers do we want this product to reach?

  • What pain points can we capitalize on?

  • Who are we competing with and what marketing strategies do those companies employ?

  • What mediums do we want to use to advertise this product?

You need to have this information outlined and easily accessible as your go-to-market plan comes together. For example, if you’re able to identify what pain points your product capitalizes on, you’ll have a better chance of crafting ad content that appeals to the customers that you want to corner.

Step 3: Make Sure Your Content Pulls Its Own Weight

Speaking of content: Prepare your ad material for the onslaught of the digital world. This means building up your SEO resources! It means A/B testing your visuals as well as your text. It means cultivating internal and external backlinks that are designed to affiliate your new product with reputable industry affiliates.

Don’t rely on a single type of content to sell your product, either. Prepare social media ad campaigns along with email marketing campaigns. Reach out to influencers and have your product appear on vlogs and Instagram posts.

The Internet has made it more difficult to list your product above the noise, yes, but it has also given you a plethora of tools for content creation. Integrate them into your go-to-market strategy, and you’ll see greater success.

Step 4: Optimize Your Marketing Funnel

Even if you want your new product to draw in an untried batch of customers, you still have to plan for the ways that your regulars can interact with your marketing strategy. With that in mind, cultivate a new catalog of marketing material, but optimize it for the whole of your marketing funnel.

Put another way, use your new product release to increase your brand awareness and to facilitate second or third purchases. For every new ad you place on platforms like TikTok or Instagram, send an email to existing consumers offering them product discounts.

When you cultivate that goodwill, you can retain customers from previous product releases and improve your sales without compromising new investments.

Build a Marketing Development Strategy with Triple G Ventures

Without a killer go-to-market strategy in place, even the best product can flop. Let Triple G Ventures make your planning a little simpler. We believe that your message deserves to reach audiences around the world, and we have the tools to build that reach.

Get heard above the digital noise. Reach out to our team submitting Triple G Ventures Contact Form and one of our colleagues will get back in touch with you or CALL (800) 918-8651 for your FREE consultation today!

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