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Case Studies

Product Launch 

Challenge: A software company struggled to remain relevant due to outdated strategy and minimal market presence. 

Impact:  Increased brand awareness and boosted sales, transcending mere financial gains. 

capital funding 

Challenge: Required capital funding and digital transformation

Impact:  Raised $3 million in capital and increased direct-to-consumer sales by 500% in 9 months.


Challenge: Required transition from a Kickstarter to a retail brand.

Impact:  Multi-million dollar revenue (3 years)

Expanding to over 300 locations nationwide.

Market entry

Challenge:  obstacles in its attempt to penetrate the U.S. market.

Impact:  enhanced market presence, revenue growth, and a successful exit.

Product Launch 

Challenge: A turnaround strategy to regain prominence in the DJ industry.

Impact: Birth of a new Brand Line, a $500 million powerhouse of music brands. 

Market Penetration 

Challenge: Market penetration in a domain dominated by competitors.

Impact:  Business growth from $30M to $50M, enhancing overall category sales performance.


Challenge: Declining sales on Amazon amidst high traffic

Impact: Conversions improved by 38%, nearly doubling sales despite only a 10% increase in traffic.

Commercial Plan

Challenge: Lack of a commercial plan and market traction

Impact: In less than a year, achieved millions of dollars in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR). 

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