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Top 5 Reasons Why Summer NAMM 2021 is a Landmark Moment for the Music Products Industry

With vaccination numbers rising across the United States, it’s time to get back to business. This July, Triple G Ventures is getting back in the saddle at Summer NAMM. We’re ready to grow our opportunities and prepare for a more ambitious future.

If you’re on the fence about Summer NAMM, we get it. But, with a somewhat kinetic post-pandemic energy so high, we can’t imagine a better place to do our part to reignite the industry.

Here’s why we believe Summer NAMM 2021 is a pivotal moment for the Music, Sound and Retail business:

1. Human Connection is Central to the Music Business

It’s been a brutally long year of endless Zoom meetings and inhuman long-distance emails. With the return of Summer NAMM, though, there’s a greater chance for us to reconnect and revitalize the bond that ‘real-life’ human connection creates.

Located smack-dab in the middle of Music City itself, Summer NAMM has always been one of the greatest industry trade events. This year, however, music will be in the air and there is no better time to network with industry leaders and peers during receptions, networking events and so much more.

2. Like Any Good Synth, We Need to Stay Plugged In

It’s not always easy to stay ahead of the latest products and trends. This is a watershed moment to reignite the industry with the best and the brightest people, products and performances. Summer NAMM will be a place to check out the latest gear but also to stay plugged into the best music, the newest products, an ever-expanding dealer and distribution network and who knows….maybe you’ll even turn up the volume on some deals too!

3. Great Brands & Products Need to be Heard

This is the moment to amp your brand. It’s an even better time to demo your products, connect with A-list artists, capture some TikTok videos, generate some new blogs, spark some new Instagram posts and turn it up on social media. Despite the infamous noise police, we say -- crank it and let your brand be heard. That’s right, leverage an old-world trade show event with new world social media and content marketing to tell your brand story live from the show floor of the iconic, and soon to be epic Music Products Industry revival.

4. Reinspire Your Team & Your Partners Too

There’s nothing like a NAMM Show to bring your team and your partners together. The chaos of travel, blurry-eyed early mornings, infamous “hey man” greetings, the endless back to back meetings, the ear splitting mayhem in the evening and the absolute delight of watching the last 6 months of work come to life -- what could make a more captivating cocktail? Sure, you might need a two-day nap after the show, if done correctly, you’ll have cemented a bond with your team and your partners that is sure to

5. Escape the Matrix, Capture Leads & Close Those Deals

Hans Christian Andersen once said, “where words fail, music speaks.” Remember, people in Italy and New York singing from the balconies? How about all of those guitar sales too? Yes, Hans Cristian Andersen was right, while we added more screen time, music filled the void. Music connects us. It builds community and shapes our culture. Yes, we know that the art of sales has shifted to science but don’t you think it’s time to close the laptop, get out of the house, connect with a few customers, capture some leads and ask for a few orders? We know it sounds old-school but maybe, just maybe, connecting a “real-world” human brand experience with your killer data-and-analytics-driven “marketing” infrastructure just might spark some new content, some new customers and maybe even some new business too.

Triple G Ventures will be at the Summer NAMM, building new connections and letting the music speak for itself -- will you?

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