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The Truth is Out There: Resources for Success and Innovation with Costa , KLIK Communications

Costa Lakoumentas, Founder & CEO of KLIK Communications, has an accomplished and wide-reaching career in products, innovation, sales and marketing, and always seems to be onto something fresh and exciting.

What inspires someone like Costa who is always on the cutting edge? How does he get so much done even in challenging times?

Listen as he and Triple G’s Gregg Stein discuss real-world resources for massive success and the magic that happens when you have a ​​plan and the right combination of highly motivated and capable people.

There is no substitute for experience and Costa has it tenfold AND he is generous enough to share it on this episode of the Success at Scale Podcast.

Did we mention he once did sound for Pope John Paul II?

Episode Highlights:

  • About Costa, his background, career, and accomplishments

  • What is KLIK and what types of products do they make?

  • What inspires him and keeps him innovating

  • The biggest challenge he has had to overcome recently and what got him through it

  • What’s next for Costa and what he is researching now

  • The most valuable resources and tools to avoid slumps

  • Problem-solving, people, and systematized thinking

  • His proudest accomplishments and how they came to be

  • Practical advice for someone in challenging times

Costa is dynamic, articulate and methodical, with a proven ability to manage and motivate across engineering, product management, sales and marketing teams to drive new product development, increase revenues, develop new business opportunities and grow brand equity. He has extensive experience in product lifecycle management, development of product portfolios and new product definition based on market requirements and has managed product marketing activities worldwide.

Costa is a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) and has authored several white papers focused around audio, video and streaming technologies.

Key accomplishments include:

  • Built, motivated and managed teams to achieve significant market share and revenue growth

  • Conceived, defined and developed over 130 new products, earning 8 patents

  • Created strategic product, marketing and business plans resulting hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue

  • Restructured global business operations to bring focus, clarity and agility to serving verticals

Read more about Success at Scale with Triple G Ventures here:

The Podcast covers business stories from experienced entrepreneurs, business leaders, and startup founders on how to translate business ideas into business results. In each episode, Gregg shows how companies grow from seed to scale, testing his theories with successful business leaders.

As a listener, you can walk through unique business growth journeys, including brand building, business development, revenue growth, investor relations and capital fundraising, culture and team building, and more. Success at scale with Triple G Podcast is all about best practices and ideas to help you accelerate your business growth.

Success at Scale is hosted by Gregg Stein, Founding Partner of Triple G Ventures. Through Triple G Ventures, Gregg serves as CEO, Board Member, and Investor at SKOOG INC, and also leads Strategic Growth at Artiphon, ASI Audio, Hummingbirds.Ai, Promoly and many more.



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