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Research, Technology, and Passion: The Growing Hearables Industry with Audiologist and Sensaphonics

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Coming to you live from CES in Las Vegas, Gregg talks with Dr. Michael Santucci, Founder of Sensaphonics, makers of state-of-the-art, personalized and custom-fitted in-ear monitors and Musician Earplugs.

Dr. Santucci is an audiologist whose passion is protecting and preserving the hearing of musicians, technicians, venue staff, and music lovers everywhere. Listen as he and Gregg discuss his background and experience and the exciting things happening at his company, Sensaphonics.

Episode Highlights:

  • Michael’s background as an audiologist and why he started Sensaphonics

  • What is 3D sound?

  • Product tour and information about new product launching soon

  • What the future of Hearables looks like and why Michael is excited

After graduating from University of Iowa with his bachelors and Illinois State University with his Masters of Arts degree in audiology, Michael quickly immersed himself in the vibrant Chicago music scene. Recognizing that musicians were suffering from severe overexposure and lacked awareness of hearing health and protection, he decided to focus his practice on music and founded Sensaphonics in 1985.

As president of Sensaphonics, Dr. Michael Santucci provides audiological consultation and customized hearing protection to many of today’s top music performers. He has dedicated his career to being a tireless advocate for hearing health within the music community and the world at large.

Today, Dr. Santucci continues his hearing conservation efforts through Sensaphonics, spearheading the development of innovative new products and technologies while operating its Musicians Hearing Clinic. He shares his unique knowledge and expertise by mentoring graduate audiology clinical externs within his own practice, and through his Sensaphonics Gold Circle seminar, teaching audiologists how to work with professional musicians and in-ear monitors. Read more here


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