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Redefining the Future of AI with Brandon Cooper, Aphid CEO & Co-Founder

Have you ever wished you could clone yourself?

The future is here, folks. And a new company called Aphid is redefining it!

Aphid utilizes Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technology to disrupt the workforce economy. In other words, they’ve invented a way for people to leverage digital bots to work on their behalf by downloading information and skill sets into a digital form and creating multiple online versions of you.

Aphid CEO and Co-Founder, Brandon Cooper, is an internet technology businessman with over 15 years of experience in Information Technology, Marketing, and over 6 years of technical support as a former senior technology advisor at Apple. Brandon specializes in Artificial Intelligence, Machine/Deep Learning, and Blockchain technology.

This interview covers Brandon’s passion for inventing and how he created Aphid as well as his best advice for business owners and entrepreneurs. We just barely scratched the surface with Brandon and can’t wait to have him back on the show!

Episode Highlights:

0:00 - Intro

1:03 - Brandon’s background

3:21 - About Aphid and the incredible things they are doing with AI

5:19 - How Brandon came up with the idea for Aphid

8:59 - AI in the present day and where it’s going in the future

16:01 - Keeping up with technology and where to find information

17:27 - Tips for achieving work-life balance

21:42 - Practical advice for those struggling or reinventing themselves

25:19 - Finding focus, stamina, and endurance as a business owner

28:08 - A passion for creativity and inventing

31:14 - Closing and how to get in touch

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