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Play Sesame Street Songs and Games with the Skoog Cube

Updated: May 16, 2021

We're really excited to see Skoog Inc. launch their new platform and partnership at #CES2021

The new Skoog Cube | Source: Skoog

Let Elmo and other familiar Sesame Street friends entertain your kids with a new product from Skoog, a media-tech company with a mission to enrich kids’ lives through creative and immersive play.

Skoog is partnering with Sesame Workshop to launch an interactive platform that combines tactile and educational play with a constantly expanding content library so kids can access music and stories without having to rely solely on a smartphone or TV screen. Kids can press soft, squeezable, interchangeable buttons on the Skoog Cube to activate songs, musical instruments, games, and audiobooks featuring the voices of Sesame Street characters.

Parents can have control over the platform through an app so that they can choose what content is appropriate for their kids. The buttons are easy for kids of all abilities to use and enjoy, In fact, the team at Skoog is dedicated to helping kids with disabilities express their creativity through music and the Sesame Street brand prides itself on its diverse and inclusive characters.

Skoog is launching this week at CES Digital 2021, the consumer electronics trade show organized by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA).

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