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New Podcast Series - Success at Scale with Triple G Ventures

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

We're super excited to introduce our new Podcast - Success at Scale with Triple G Ventures!

Success at Scale covers business stories from experienced entrepreneurs, business leaders, and startup founders on how to translate business ideas into business results. In each episode, Gregg shows how companies grow from seed to scale, testing his theories with successful business leaders.

As a listener, you can walk through unique business growth journeys, including brand building, business development, revenue growth, investor relations and capital fundraising, culture and team building, and more. Success at scale with Triple G is all about best practices and ideas to help you accelerate your business growth!

The Podcast is hosted by Gregg Stein, Founding Partner of Triple G Ventures.

Through Triple G Ventures, Gregg serves as Chief Executive Officer, Board Member, and Investor at SkoogMusic Ltd, and also leads Sales Growth at Artiphon, ASI Audio, DAR.WIN, Clixo, and more.

We have a long list of upcoming episodes but we're delighted to kickstart our first 3 episodes with special guests:

Episode 01 - How To Thrive In Uncertain Times?

Richard Wear, CEO, and founder of global executive search firm Interfacio, who specializes in the media technology sector, based in London.

Episode 01 airs on November 24.


Episode 02 - How To Build Global Brands?

Omar Gurnah, Head of Marketing, Uber & Uber Eats, who specializes in building global brands and delivering marketing that moves metrics, hearts, and minds.

Episode 02 airs on December 1.


Episode 03 - How To Leverage AI/Machine Learning to Accelerate Growth?

Frank McDermott, who has started a variety of businesses, built hundreds of software products, and worked in the finance and technology industries with companies such as Yahoo and Citibank. Frank is currently CEO of DAR.WIN, and the CEO of Caravan.

Episode 03 airs on December 8.

Join us each week on Youtube Channel, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify!

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