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Music Tech Moises Attends The NAMM Show

The Moises App, an award-winning music-tech, will be alongside the hottest upcoming products at the NAMM Show 2022

The Moises App, an award-winning music-tech, will be alongside the hottest upcoming products at the NAMM Show 2022. For this mission, the company is partnering with Triple G and will be next to innovative brands at the forefront of technology.

Moises also teamed up with Jordan Rudess, keyboardist/multi-instrumentalist and composer for the Grammy-Award-winning band Dream Theater. Jordan is Moises's brand ambassador and will be showcasing the company's products at the NAMM Show with ongoing product demonstrations and performances.

"We're thrilled for the opportunity to celebrate our first time at NAMM alongside such inspiring brands. Music connects, and this is an excellent opportunity to meet our users and other companies that are innovating the music scene," said Geraldo Ramos, Moises' Chief Executive Officer.

The NAMM Show is the best time to connect to leaders of the music and event technology industries for product introductions, business opportunities, networking, and, most importantly, inspiration. "If you're a musician, a music teacher, a student, a producer, or a DJ, you've got to check us out. Our team will be on-site, and you can get hands-on with the latest Moises products", explains Rafael Appugliese, Moises VP of Growth.

This music company continuously innovates to make the super technical super approachable. It will launch new products at the NAMM Show, including an iPad app, new AI models, a new desktop app, a new VR experience, and more. The future of music lies in transforming how people practice, create, and consume music, and Moises is an active agent in paving the way for this transformation.

If you're attending NAMM Show, stop by and meet the Moises experience at Booth #10107. For the NAMM Show Moises will be next to innoArtiphon, Black ♦ BT, ASI Audio x Sensaphonics, SKOOG, and Pocket Piano.

Moises is the best app for practicing music! Why use? To remove or isolate vocals, background vocals, and instruments from any song and create your mix. Moises has unique features for musicians, DJs, music teachers, music students, and music producers.

With the Moises App, you can change key and tempo to discover the nuances of every solo, riff, and groove. Or create your own high-quality acapella samples and karaoke from the original songs. In addition, you can use the smart metronome and organize your repertoire into playlists for practicing or performing live.

With the power of AI, Moises opens paths to a unique experience to create, practice, and consume music. It was born in 2019 to make the super technical super approachable by democratizing access to cutting-edge audio technology. Today, with 10 million music lovers worldwide, Moises keeps innovating to make the super technical super approachable.

Meet Moises, the Musician's App:

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Triple G Ventures is the award-winning go-to global business growth accelerator for rising brands. Triple G is a consultancy scaling “tech for good” companies focused on the way we live, work, play and create.

The National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) is the not-for-profit association with a mission to strengthen the $17 billion music products industry. NAMM is comprised of approximately 10,300 members located in 104 countries and regions. NAMM events and members fund The NAMM Foundation's efforts to promote the pleasures and benefits of music, and advance active participation in music-making across the lifespan.


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