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Leading in our New Current Reality

Even as COVID-19 cases across the United States decline, the world faces unquestionable change. 2020 saw a sharp uptick in consumers’ online shopping habits. It forced businesses across all industries to change the ways they interact with their audiences.

In some ways, that change feels impossible to keep up with. Failing to lead, however, is not an option. The challenges that businesses now face are the ones that will separate flexible and creative minds from industry noise.

If you’re in the market for a business transformation post-COVID-19, then you need to determine how to move forward.

If you’re in the process of rethinking, rebuilding, or simply reinventing your business, it’s best to go back to basics, start from within, honing your vision, mission and overall business leadership approach. Leading in the Days to Come

Leadership today finds its greatest success when it can balance soft skills with hard ones. With that in mind, successful leaders in all industries will find success when they:

Pursue Empathy

In times of crisis and change, a team looks to its leader to cultivate a community of care. You cannot lead a business post-COVID-19 without empathy. Use this opportunity, then, to cultivate closer relationships with the partners involved in your business. Strive to know the people you’re working with, as well as the audience that you’re reaching out to.

If your team feels as though they’re working in an environment where their feelings and rights as people are respected, then they will go to bat for you when you call on them. Not only will increased empathy improve your office’s culture, but it also has a direct impact on your bottom line, so long as it is employed within reason.

Strive for Transparency

When you don’t meet face-to-face with clients as regularly as you once did, it can feel difficult to genuinely express yourself. With the rise in Zoom meetings comes an increased need for deliberate transparency.

While you may still choose to be diplomatic with what you say when you’re speaking with shareholders, consumers, or your fellow employees, you need to make a point of presenting your message as clearly as possible.

Text-based conversations are all too easy to misinterpret. When you get the chance, use multiple avenues of communication -- a Zoom meeting and a follow-up email, for example -- to ensure that your audience knows what you want to say and why you are saying it.

Encourage Flexibility

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it is that no plans can be absolute. Flexibility is the name of the game these days, particularly for businesses that have been directly impacted by frequent health and safety guideline changes.

Be prepared to cast parts of a release or marketing plan aside. You may even have to scrap an entire project if the state of the market around you doesn’t allow for it. These losses are not a sign of failure. Rather, you can capitalize on each production obstacle and use it to explore alternative avenues for R&D or consumer outreach.

Taking Steps to a Better Tomorrow

Today’s world will not be here tomorrow. If you want your business to ride the ever-rolling waves of change, you need to learn to adapt. Triple G Ventures can help you find the best place to start.

Do you want personalized guidance in the face of new market changes? reach out to our team submitting Triple G Ventures Contact Form and one of our colleagues will get back in touch with you!

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