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Virtual Piano Instruments: Ivory 3 has been released!

Spring is here and so is Synthogy’s Ivory 3! Triple G could not be more proud of being part of this launch. It’s groundbreaking technology for virtual piano instruments and brings a whole new level of musical expression to the artists.

The most renowned and sophisticated Virtual Piano Instruments in the world are created by Synthogy, a product leader in Virtual Instrument Technology. Piano players of all styles enjoy the intricate, complex, and realistic playing experience that Synthogy provides, developed for the discerning standards of the world's greatest performers, producers, engineers, and studios. Synthogy’s products are ‘’Platinum Standard’’ and universally acclaimed. At Triple G, we are truly honored to have the opportunity to work with such an exceptional team, dive deep into the creative development process, and enjoy the end results.

Our partnership with Synthogy has proven to be special as our teams worked together to ideate and strategise on the creative concept, web development, videos, and overall digital marketing direction of the Ivory 3 launch. This creative process was inspirational for the Triple G team as Synthogy innovates with each iteration, always pushing the boundaries of its technology and products in the Virtual Instrument Industry. Each product is long-term oriented, available on all platforms, and updated often. Customers are Synthogy's top priority, and their steadfast dedication to them bears this out. They place a great value in product quality, customer service, and reputation; Synthogy meets all of these expectations and for us, it was both challenging and rewarding to be part of this journey. We can proudly say that the Ivory 3 launch is a true success and milestone for Triple G and we are looking forward to its next phase!

As founder & CEO of Triple G, Gregg Stein says: ‘’We are so proud and excited for our friends at Synthogy with the introduction of Ivory 3. The Triple G Ventures team has been honored and humbled to be part of this monumental launch. Here's to the future of our partnership! We believe without innovation, there isn't anything new, and without anything new, there will be no progress in Music Tech!’’

For more information, read Press Release, or have a look at Promo Video, most importantly don’t forget to check out Demos for classical tunes and amazing sound of Ivory 3!


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