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Creating the Future with Rick Williams

Rick Williams is the founder and Managing Director of Williams Advisory Partners

Rick Williams is the founder and Managing Director of Williams Advisory Partners.

Most of his recent career has been serving on the board of directors of technology companies. Today, Rick helps leaders make important decisions, prepare to raise capital, and overcome barriers to growth. He also recently published a book called, "Create the Future - for your company and yourself," which he wrote specifically for leaders who believe they drive the future for their organization and for themselves by the decisions they make.

In this inspiring and empowering conversation, Rick chats with Triple G’s Gregg Stein about what success really looks like, how to choose the future, and whether or not you should have a board of directors as a small to midsize company.

If you are ready to take the future into your own hands, you absolutely must listen to this awesome episode of Success at Scale with Rick Williams.

Episode Highlights:

  • Boards of directors - how having a board is a value accelerator;

  • The process of writing his book and who the book is for;

  • How your passions in life carry over and inform your passion in business;

  • How to view, create, and nurture relationships with investors;

  • Advice for staying productive and creating the future you want.

Rick Williams is the founder and Managing Director of Williams Advisory Partners based in Boston. Rick brings ten years as a management consultant with Arthur D. Little and three years as founding partner of the Newport Board Group practice in New England to each client engagement. He was elected President of the Harvard Business School Association of Boston.

Rick serves on the board of directors of technology companies usually in the B to B space. He has been board chair for a medical device company – Point Care Technology – with worldwide sales and served as COO and board member of a med therapy company with operations in the US and India. He is on the board of an exciting med-tech company – Amorphex Therapeutics – with a drug delivery technology that will replace eye drops for the long-term treatment of glaucoma and other eye diseases. He was also on the board of an early-stage fin-tech company – FairWay Financial US – that promises to dramatically improve the market efficiency of the sale of first issue municipal bonds and other securities.


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This podcast covers business stories from experienced entrepreneurs, business leaders, and startup founders on how to translate business ideas into business results.

Success at Scale is hosted by Gregg Stein, Founding Partner of Triple G Ventures. Through Triple G Ventures,


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