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New Music Tech Brand @ NAMM 2022

Black-BT Debuts SusEx MIDI Pedal, World’s First Combo Pedal That Can Work As both Sustain and Expression Pedals

Black BT, India’s first music-technology hardware start up, today announced the global brand launch exclusively with grammy-award winning multi-instrumentalist and keyboardist for Dream Theater, Jordan Rudess, at the Triple G Ventures innovation hub at National Association of Music Merchants, NAMM Show 2022 (Booth 10107).

At NAMM, Black-BT will debut it’s innovative new, SusEx pedal, the world's first combo MIDI pedal, that combines both sustain and expression pedal functionalities into a single unified form factor with BLE MIDI capability and industry-first auto-mode switching.

Black-BT’s SusEx pedal is the world's very first combination pedal that gives both footswitch and continuous control capability unified into a single portable form factor. SusEx with its built-in micro controller programmed to generate BLE MIDI messages makes it the perfect standalone wireless MIDI pedal designed to replace traditional sustain and expression pedals. SusEx is also the first pedal capable of auto-sensing foot position on the top surface of the pedal to automatically switch between sustain and expression modes.

SusEx also comes with an inbuilt 1/4" phono socket for backwards compatibility for wired SUSTAIN/FOOTSWITCH pedal functionalities, with polarity switching for SUSTAIN functionality. There is a dedicated MODE Switch for changing between SUSTAIN, EXPRESSION & AUTO-MODE functionalities. The USB-C provides charging, firmware update and future compatibility with a DAC based wired expression control breakout adapter.

Founder and CEO, Satish Chakravarthy Thaianban said, “We’re incredibly proud and excited to introduce our game changing technology brand, representing India’s most creative innovators, entrepreneurs, engineers and musicians. The brand was born out of the idea that musicality should come from the heart and shouldn’t be limited by lack of innovation in technology”. Mr. Chakravarthy Thaianban continued, “SusEx provides auto switching between SUSTAIN and EXPRESSION modes based on foot position, so that in LIVE performances SusEx replaces the need for multiple pedals onstage. SusEx means composing setups can now have both SUSTAIN and EXPRESSION functionalities in one portably sized pedal that fits into the laptop bag. In setups with only the MOD wheel as a continuous controller, SusEx frees both hands for a truly polyphonic performance.”

Black-BT SusEx pedal will be available for pre-order at starting June 3rd and will be shipping in Fall 2022. SusEx will retail for $149.99 MSRP.

Fresh, new music tech company launching a cutting-edge multi-functional wireless pedal technology and subsequent line of products to add infinitely more expressive possibilities to keyboard, guitar and digital audio workstations (DAW).

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