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“How to Be Fan-F*cking-Tastic” with Max Borges

How are great business ideas born? How can one find inspiration? How can we adapt to challenging times? Do those things come naturally and what do they have in common?

One could argue all great business ideas come with a lightbulb effect. As if a moment of epiphany could define if the idea is a winner. Some might even say that “going with your gut” is essential. On the other hand, a true entrepreneur like Max Borges would insist that an extraordinary business idea does not always need to be great from the very beginning. Max believes the best business ideas are like songs. He knows that business iteration is analogous to the age of the old songwriting process - translating sketched ideas into a structured composition backed with the right instrumentation, harmony, melody, and rhythm until the performance sings for itself.

Max Borges is an innovator. In 2002 he founded the Max Borges Agency - A tech-focused Public Relations firm. By studying the habits of business and strategy icons, he built his agency to 50+ employees and $10+ million a year in revenue. In Triple G Venture's "Success at Scale" podcast, our very own Gregg Stein speaks to Max about the topics such as the power of inspiration, adaptability, grit, determination, and as the title of his book says, “How to Be Fan-F*cking-Tastic!”.

As Max points out, great ideas do not come as innovative, fresh, and prodigious as expected. When a great idea hits, one needs to research and understand how original it really could possibly be. Moving forward, it is ultimately important to answer the questions - are people going to pay for it? Do I see the full picture? Are any details missing, maybe? Through developing the idea, there are waves of trials and errors. All those factors are just small puzzle pieces of a big operation.

In addition, it is vital to know where and how to seek inspiration in order to develop ideas. It helps both to sophisticate in business leadership as well as to feed the brain intellectually. Inspiration enables us to surpass our everyday experiences and constraints, awakening us to fresh possibilities. Inspiration changes our perception of our own skills and lifts us out of lethargy into possibilities. According to Max, inspiration is somewhat similar to motivation or a positive attitude and even though technically those are different things, they have a rather similar impact on people who would like to achieve great heights in the business world.

Last but definitely not least ingredient when it comes to how people learn in the process is their ability to face challenges and adapt accordingly. Being able to adjust to shifting circumstances is crucial for managing your business. Businesses must adapt to the changing times. You need to be flexible if you want to succeed as an entrepreneur. Moreover, the business environment is continuously changing regardless of pandemics and political landscapes.

Non-stop learning and being open to failure is the essence of cultivating meaningful success. Polishing your idea, facing challenges and developing skills to get inspired have one feature in common - you do not usually have them by default, but you can learn them through practice. Learning by doing proved to be important in innovations, especially in the context of startups as well as small businesses as it lights up the entrepreneurial spirit and keeps individuals in tune.

Learn more about Max’s vision of cultivating success and his book, How To Be Fan-Fucking-Tastic! Check out more in our Podcast 👇

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