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A brief flashback to CES 2023 at Triple G a hospitality suite

CES is always tough for new brands to break through. This year, however, Triple G leveled up with a hospitality suite filled with a curated mosaic of innovative brands.

At CES 2023, Triple G brought together brands like Artiphon - designing instruments for the next billion musicians, Ekwe - the most inspiring, intuitive and accessible way of experiencing, learning, teaching, playing, creating and sharing music through a brand new app platform, KLIK - wireless video technology turning any TV screen into a multimedia powerhouse, SKOOG - portable and wireless device that plays, jams and creates music right out the box as well as ASI Audio x Sensaphonics - 3DME in-ear with active ambient technology hearables designed to protect and enhance live performances using an iOS and Android app, creating a system equally useful for amplified and acoustic monitoring for everyone, John Lennon Educational Tour Bus - bringing decades of impact on young people by outfitting the latest audio and video technology and musical instruments. Last but not least, Boots N Cats - a dynamic tool in order to improve physical and mental well-being through Hip Hop culture, ultimately bridging Education with Art.

Alongside, presenting the brands at our suite, Triple G recorded a special Success at Scale podcast series going live from CES 2023. We wanted to offer a proactive experience to everyone including our subscribers. By going live, we made sure our work and impact is transparent as well as accessible for tech and music enthusiasts, mélomanes, creative nerds or just people who want to keep up with new developments in entertainment industries. We, at Triple G, believe that true creative experiences must be shared with a greater audience.

Triple G could not miss the opportunity to talk to amazing entrepreneurs like our very own Costa Lakoumentas from Klik Communications, James Kim from Boots N Cats, Ekwe's Jeffrey Sugerman and Michael Cain, Adam McHeffey from Artiphon and Paul Mitchell from Mitchell Acoustics. They bring unique insights and amusing stories from different CES editions and how it really is to navigate through huge expos and make your product stand out.

We are very confident in saying that our hospitality suite at CES 2023 was a cutting-edge adventure for visitors as they were able to experience demos first-hand. We could see people flowing, checking up on brands, asking questions and being all-around curious about what we could offer and how we work. Triple G takes a great deal of pride in offering the best customer experience and sophistication to our clients as we always put them in the core of our hearts and minds.


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