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Pitch Competition 2024 

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Catering to the thriving $40B+ music industry, Jamstack has successfully generated over $2M in sales within the first 12 months of introducing its initial hardware product.

Now, they are proudly unveiling the next evolution: Jamstack 2. Paired with cutting-edge AI-powered music software, they continue to eliminate barriers, ensuring seamless access to immersive musical experiences. 

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Ciari Guitars is disrupting the guitar industry via a line of folded fretted instruments with pro-quality (industry first) and "personal item" convenience (industry first) to enable stress-free guitar mobility.


They're targeting professional musicians and hobbyists/enthusiasts who travel, with a segmented line of premium and mid-tier models for all modes of travel.


INTUSIC, a transformative force in live concerts, combines cutting-edge technology to create immersive video game adventures. Seamlessly blending music, lighting, and gameplay, INTUSIC allows audiences to experience concerts in an entirely new way.


The artist's performance and energy control the game, resulting in an unforgettable fusion of music and gaming.

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Intelligent audio mixing and mastering for creators working with audio that have limited time, resources, or experience. OSMIX simplifies the mixing process and accelerates audio production to enable creators to produce a release-ready mix in minutes - instead of hours or days - at a fraction of the cost.

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TerraVerb: The Pinnacle of Guitar Innovation.

Experience the future of guitar playing with TerraVerb's Hyvibe Preamp. installed right here in the USA. TerraVerb pushes the boundaries of sound, style, and performance. With built in effects, a multi-track looper and Bluetooth audio playback this guitar is the most important innovation to acoustic guitar technology since Charlie Kaman Ovation's guitar in the 1960's. 

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AECHO harness AI to conduct tonal analysis of voice tones to predict emotional and psychological traits. We analyze over 164 traits, in less than 2 minutes/subject, with an over 80% accuracy, bringing human insight benefits to HR, team building, Call Centers, and more. Our approach is language agnostic and resilient to faking.

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